Pittypat's Porch
Rocking Chair Lounge
25 Andrew Young International Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30303 • 404-525-8228
Rocking Chair Lounge
Rocking Chair Lounge Bar
Main Dining Room

"Thank you for treating us to such a memorable dinner at your wonderful restaurant. I cannot recall ever dinning at such a historical unique landmark."


"I am very happy that I was able to dine in your restaurant while I was in Atlanta on business. I will certainly recommend that my colleagues stop in to visit you when they are in the area."
Guy and Deb Thomson - Owners

Atlanta residents since 1977, Guy and Deb bring a unique combination of talents and experience as the owners of Pittypat’s Porch.

A longtime Atlanta hospitality personality, Guy is one of the principal owners of Proof of the Pudding, Atlanta’s premier caterer. Prior to joining Proof of the Pudding by MGR, Guy served as the Senior Vice President of the Georgia Hospitality and Travel Association (GHTA), the trade association representing Georgia’s food service, lodging and travel industries and related businesses. Guy moved to Atlanta in 1977 as General Manager for Victoria Station Restaurants, a California-based specialty restaurant chain. Guy also serves on several Boards of Directors including the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Georgia State University School of Hospitality. Atlanta’s Table, and Georgia Restaurant Association.

After a very successful 25 year career in the retail industry, most recently as the National Sales Manager for the Banana Republic, Deb has taken over the responsibility for marketing at Pittypat’s. Along with making many improvements in the overall operation, Deb has recently updated the restaurants marketing strategies and materials to keep up with the fast paced need for information by our ever growing and changing clientele. In addition to keeping Pittypat’s well marketed in the community and actually well known worldwide as Atlanta continues to become an international destination, Deb has many other activities that keep her busy including raising a beautiful teenage daughter, Kate, and being very active in various community activities.

Deb says “ This is a very exiting time for Pittypat’s as the downtown area is booming as world class attractions open like the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke, new residents move into the area, and the convention and tourist industry continues to grow…….we love welcoming everyone in our true style of warm Southern Hospitality”

David Myree - Executive Chef

When David was only 11 he was already involved in the business at Pittypat’s Porch. He would come to the restaurant after school to wait for his mom to finish her shift as a line cook. Instead of sitting around or bothering others, he began to wash dishes. David continued to do so after school and in the summers until he was 16 and was then promoted to a line cook. He worked hard and everyone saw potential in this young man. David was taken under Bobby's wing and was made sous chef. After graduating high school in 1980, David went to the Institute of Atlanta to get his degree in Culinary Arts. He had to leave after a year and he put his goal on the back burner. Still working at Pittypat's Porch, he took on additional jobs to support his new family. He worked at the Atlanta Jewish Center, Equifax, The Days Inn and with a security service. Still desiring that piece of paper he had put on hold, David was mentored by the Chef at the Piedmont Driving Club and graduated in 1996 from the Culinary Federation. In 1998, David was honored to be named Pittypat's new Executive Chef. David still works hard all day and all night. He has two children, a son Janike, and a daughter Domonique.

“I love it. The cooking, the people, the owners, everything about it. It's a family...Even my brother works the broiler...”

Larry Newton - Pastry Chef

Larry came to Pittypat’s Porch after seeing an ad in the paper in 1976. He thought the kitchen was the biggest he’d ever seen, he was in awe and has never left. He started as a line cook and helping out in the bakery until 1980 when the then pastry chef passed away, Larry was honored to be asked to step up. Three days a week he would make rounds to different restaurants to learn different styles, techniques and recipes from their pastry chefs. Larry is known as “the silent one” around Pittypat’s. He may be quiet but he gets so excited talking about a recipe or an old story.

“It’s a good place to work, it grows on you. It’s strange - this family is a mix of all kinds of people, waiters, cooks, busboys and dishwashers….when you get here it is like you just got home…”